Please watch this brief video for more details on the class.


Below are a few easy steps we ask you to complete before the class.

  • Step #1: Disclaimer (1 Minute – Everyone)

    Please sign the electronic disclaimer prior to class
    Please use your full email address including alias.


    Everyone who attends the workshop must complete this step, including alumni.

  • Step #2: Outlook Folders (5-15 minutes – Agent Only)

**If you cannot get the rules to work on your own, please send us an
​email with screenshots of your issue.

There is NO support from our team after the class for setting up these rules.

Only the agent needs to complete this step.  Fill out the form below to test out your Rules.

  • Step #3: Email Redirects (2-5 Minutes – Agent Only)

    Contact MySFDomain (or your website provider) at
    (877) 828-3131 to create 2 email addresses:



    You can also do this by yourself by going to from your workstation. On the left hand side, choose Email, and then add these new emails in the center section.  Make both of these email addresses go to the agent’s email address.  We will cover the reason behind this process during class.


    ** Like all redirects, these will not work internally. They only work if you send email to them from an outside email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Don’t forget to print or download the workbook!